Le Gâteau

The European confectionery “Le Gâteau” was founded in May 2012 by Georgian and Jewish investors. This is a favorite place for pretentious people who have a great pastry taste. They will discover a delicious assortment of culinary arts. “Le Gâteau” offers its customers a variety of high-quality and ecologically pure products. Despite our short-term existence, “Le Gâteau” discovered its niche and successfully positioned itself in the market.

An assortment of delicious cakes, pies, and low-calorie bread has become a culinary masterpiece. You can taste pastry, bread, sandwiches, and buns made with European, classic, and contemporary technologies.

At this stage, “LE Gateau” presents a united confectionery and a café with a pleasant and comfortable atmosphere.

Our mission is to provide the highest quality and most environmentally pure products with the best flavoring properties. The company’s goal is to be an advanced and real leader in the local confectionery market.