For more than 4 years, “Native Racha” offers to its consumers a great variety of dry-cured, high-quality specialty meat made with traditional Georgian technology.

The idea to establish a company was conceived back in 2015, involving partners from Spain and attracting investment from Europe. Its main goal was to recover and repopulate Georgian indigenous pig breed, which was on brink of extinction. Thanks to support from Scientific-Research Center of Agriculture and JSC Partnership Fund, it was made possible to recover the breed and currently there are around 500 specimens living in a genetic selection farm, within the project scope. With our next step, we created a product based on traditional recipe, with clever combination of modern know-how and ancient traditions. First such product is Rachuli Lori (salted, smoked, cured pork) – traditional Georgian specialty which was reinvigorated by “Native Racha”, the company who brought it to the level of modern European cured pork, thus making a new statement in Georgian gastronomy.

In 2020, in spite of severe difficulties caused by the Covid-19 pandemic, Native Racha has entered Georgian food market and currently offers a variety of cured meat products to its consumers.