Terrace Orbeliani

One of the first pre-club concept restaurants in the city, ’Terrace Orbeliani,’ opened its doors in April 2022. Since then, it has been delighting guests with delicious food and drinks, complemented by tasteful electronic music. This unique venue offers stunning views of the old historical part of the city from its terrace.

‘Terrace Orbeliani’ is a two-story bar-restaurant. On the lower floor, patrons can savor delightful Asian cuisine, while on the upper floor of ’Terrace Orbeliani,’ they can indulge in a diverse menu featuring both Georgian and European dishes, accompanied by electronic music.

During the pleasant spring and summer weather, ‘Terrace Orbeliani’ welcomes guests to enjoy their dining experience in the open air. Additionally, our venue offers the possibility to celebrate important dates in your life with us.

Whether you’re craving Georgian, European, or Asian cuisine, or seeking to enjoy performances by familiar and favorite local and guest electronic music artists, ’Terrace Orbeliani’ promises a memorable experience.