First Food Mall

Bazari Orbeliani is a food mall where you can find all kinds of food items that you are in the mood for today. The diverse concept of "Bazaar Orbeliani" fully suits guests of all ages, genders and interests.


Bazari Orbeliani is distinguished by various activities - master classes, which are systematically held in our space. The master classes conducted by us are tailored to guests with different interests, ages and hobbies.​

Variety of Dishes

If you visit Bazari Orbeliani, you will find more than 70 food establishments, where you can get to know the cuisine of many different countries and cultures and travel around the world.

Birthday of Khinkali

Every year on October 21, we celebrate Khinkali's birthday at Bazari Orbeliani! Khinkali is the most important figure of Georgian cuisine and traditions, and we also celebrate his birthday every year!