“Fryday” made its debut on the food market in spring 2020. Our first branch was opened in Vake Park.

We offer delicious fries with different toppings, a variety of hot dogs, branded hot cheese sauce, and a colorful and fun environment. 

“Fryday” currently has three branches: Vake Park, Dedaena Park, and Bazari Orbeliani. 

“Fryday” is a simple and memorable brand name. The meal consists of fries as the main course and a variety of tasty side dishes.
Our slogan “Every Day is a Fryday” aligns with our daily work schedule.

Why Friday?

We value our customers and strive to provide exceptional service while maintaining high quality.

Our goal is to create a colorful, comfortable, and welcoming environment for our customers.

We prioritize customer growth and development based on their requirements. Friendly communication boosts confidence and leads to a steady increase in customer base.

“Fryday” values user feedback and strives to create a beloved city destination through collaboration.