Kona, the Georgian premium tea brand established in 2015, is dedicated to helping tea enthusiasts find peace of mind and discover the world of rare artisan Georgian teas. 

Our mission is to blend the unique flavors of teas with their inherent health benefits, offering distinct flavors to delight the senses.

The name “Kona” translates to “bouquet” in Georgian language. Each of our meticulously crafted blends is a bouquet of flavors, combining wild herbs and teas sourced throughout the Greater Caucasus. Our rare black and green artisan teas are harvested in Western Georgia, where the pure mountain air meets the refreshing sea breeze, creating an ideal climate for tea cultivation.

Our teas come from well-aged, seed-grown plantations, which contribute to the complexity of their taste and flavor. 

The distinct climate, with its brief seven-month tea growing season due to cold winters, allows the tea bushes to rest and gather strength. The tea plants of our producers are nurtured without the use of chemicals, and every harvest is carried out by skilled hands.

Our teas have been aptly described as a “treasure from the Caucasus” and the “Nirvana of Black Tea” by esteemed connoisseurs like Mariage Frères. Since 2018 this oldest Maison has extended its Tea Menu with our black, green and wild tea. “Precious obsidian. A fragrance of storm swept volcanic rock blends with a gourmet note of fresh date and an intense hint of camelia”. “Elegantly twisted and draped in ebony, the leaves exhale a scent of tonka bean and forest fragrance”.