“The Cone Culture’ is a Georgian brand that makes all-natural handmade ice cream using only fresh local and seasonal ingredients.

We try to show the abundance of Georgian nature and experiment a lot with the flavors mixing ingredients like Chocolate Ajika, Tkemali & Mint, Strawberry Basil, etc.

We tend not to use frozen fruit and vegetables, only fresh, local and seasonal. That is why the flavors are constantly changing through the year. The production is in Tbilisi and everything is made in small batches from scratch at our premises.

For our Black Tea & Brownie flavor we bring the tea from the tea plantation in Guria, the lavender for Honey Lavender flavor comes from Kakheti and our ajika is 100% Megrelian.

For dairy flavors we use whole milk, heavy cream, eggs, sugar and natural flavorings like Madagascar vanilla, Belgian cocoa, herbs and spices, etc.
We have many lactose-free options. In our sorbet we use only fruit, water and sugar. They are gluten-free and totally vegan. No dairy, no eggs. There are sugar-free ice cream too!

The name ‘The Cone Culture’ came from the waffle cone and the philosophy that stands behind our ice cream – we want to create the culture of having ice cream and enjoying the moments.
We bake our waffle cones every day to keep them fresh and to let you treat yourself with any of them – classic, chocolate, cinnamon or gluten-free one.

Our motto is “We serve happiness & handmade ice cream”. We mean it – we try to create the best experience and memories while having great ice cream.